Turning apprehension into comprehension.

We understand that the world of financial planning
can be a noisy, confusing place.

Whether it’s from Wall Street, the media, or well-meaning colleagues and friends, the average investor is bombarded 24 hours a day by messages that range from misleading to unreliable. Which, given the stakes, is unacceptable.

We’ve made it our mission to eliminate the noise — and replace it with education, guidance, and support to help our clients live the life they truly desire. We don’t merely help you “manage your money,” we help you maximize your financial life. And that’s a key distinction.

Because when done effectively, financial planning is about far more than just a spreadsheet of portfolio returns. It’s about the impact your financial decisions have on your life and those you love.

We have an obligation to our clients — to help them avoid pitfalls, overcome confusion, and achieve peace-of-mind. Our accountability requires a thorough understanding of your unique situation and goals. Reviewing your investments, insurance, mortgage, and savings is just the beginning. Once we understand your hopes, goals, and financial fears, we can find the right solutions for you.

If that sounds like a process that requires a lot of handholding, it is.

Unlike some financial advisors, we don’t see our role as telling you what you want to hear or providing unrealistic expectations. Your success is our success. We’re personally committed to helping you find the pathway to your ideal future — which we do through a unique mix of experience, empathy, and comprehensive financial planning solutions.

We’re here to be your partner and that starts with honest communication, with a clear understanding of the objectives, goals, and potential risks.

Our approach is designed to support the life you choose while wisely managing your wealth.

You might think of it as investing with guardrails.

We like to think of it as preserving your wealth for a lifetime.

Wealth Bridge Advisory Founder
William M. Greenfield, CLU, ChFC

For more than three decades, I’ve been helping clients maximize their financial lives — using a comprehensive investing approach that eliminates stress and confusion. I’m also committed to industry education so investors can play an active role in their financial security. And that commitment touches everything we do at Wealth Bridge Advisory.

I recognize that there are numerous roads to financial security, all of which can be intimidating. That’s why extensive client support and guidance are paramount at Wealth Bridge Advisory. My goal is to empower clients to make the best choices possible to achieve security for themselves and those they love.

photo of Bill Greenfield
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